Commercial Security

FTS has been created to meet today’s security demands,
using the latest technology, and security strategies focused on your safety.

Office Building Security

Office Buildings are places of constant day time activity. Public Areas as well as secluded spaces demand constant surveillance and monitoring.

Retail Security

Retail stores require security personnel who maintain a comfortable environment while providing the safety that your employees, customers, and merchandise need.

Shopping Plazas & Parking Security

Shopping Plazas and Parking Garages require constant patrolling of its different areas and parking lots. FTS provides trained guards and the latest in Mobile Patrol technology

Loss Prevention

We monitor all deliberate or inadvertent human actions that cause shrinkage. Jewelry stores are one of the thieves favorites because of a number of high-value items present in a single place which suffer the most from Loss Prevention.

Feel safety. Every where. Any time.

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