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Matias Zacconi- Fox 28

Meet Matias Zacconi

Matias Zacconi is an Argentinean entrepreneur and businessman, who is the CEO & Founder of Federal Tactics Security, a private security company that provides counterterrorism and commercial security services…

Matias Zacconi- The New York Finance

The Argentinean Businessman

“I was very young and I knew that I had a long way ahead, to conquer what I had in mind, that was to innovate, customize and execute a plan to lead the Security field in South Florida” says Matias



“I started training Karate when I was 4, it helped me to develop important habits and values such as respect, discipline, courage, consistency that ended up being not only important for my professional career but most importantly I adopted them as a lifestyle    ” Matias explains.

Matias Zacconi- The Entrepreneur Daily

Expanding Federal Tactics Security worldwide

Looking ahead, Matias is focused on expanding Federal Tactics Security worldwide and creating different branches in South America and Europe. He is also working on developing a new practical concept to explain to clients the importance and necessity of personal security.

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Federal Tactics Security

Miami-Based Private Security Company that Provides Counterterrorism Security Services

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Matías Zacconi, de Mar del Plata a Miami sin escalas

Matías Zacconi es un hombre de familia, muy apasionado y comprometido con sus proyectos, que siempre se encuentra en la búsqueda constante de crear nuevos emprendimientos…

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Federal Tactics Security

Miami-Based Private Security Company that Provides Counterterrorism Security Services

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“I believe in teamwork and we have highly trained professionals in every area, such as our tech department, tactical operatives and our surveillance team   to cover all the clients’ needs.”

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Matías Zacconi, el argentino líder en la industria de la seguridad VIP

Matías Zacconi es un entusiasta emprendedor de 42 años. A sus 21 tomó la decisión de mudarse a Miami en búsqueda de mejores oportunidades

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Counterterrorism Specialists, Personal & Executive Protection… FTS has it all

 Human beings have basic necessities to survive: to eat, to drink, to feel secure. Security goes from celebrities’ bodyguards to feeling safe in your own house and even personal defense. Federal Tactics Security is a private security company specialized in counterterrorism and personal protection.

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Fully trained specialist

In terms of individual protection, Federal Tactics Security specialists are fully trained to provide and execute different action plans in order to protect executives, artists, politicians, dignitaries  and their families…

Matias Zacconi- Influencer News Daily

Clients and their needs

Matias Zacconi manages to make his company stand out  from others because he takes into consideration important aspects such as training, understanding the client and their needs

Feel safety. Every where. Any time.

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